Decrease Your Dependence on W2 Income By Passively Investing in Real Estate

From workshops to investment opportunities, we help you diversify your portfolio from the stock market, reduce your annual tax bill, and grow your cashflow using alternative investments (without the headaches of active management).

On average we help our clients start generating $7,200/yr with $100k within 90 days.

Rethinking your portfolio?

your portfolio?

As a busy corporate professional, you’ve likely…

  • hand Invested in the stock market
  • hand Maxed out your retirement accounts
  • hand Worked with a financial advisor

And now you’re looking for investments other than your traditional stocks & bonds. Investments that generate real cash flow to your bank account, every month.

In your ideal world, you’re looking to…
Minimize the large swings of your portfolio in stock market
Reduce your dependence on your W2 income
Diversify your portfolio to preserve what you’ve earned

However, despite your ambition, you lack the time, access, or experience necessary to sift through investment opportunities, dedicate the required hours for thorough research, and select the best ones.

Simplifying your Financial Journey

How We Help

Grow Your Cashflow is an investment firm that educates & partners with best-in-class fund managers to provide low-risk, cash flowing investments for accredited investors.

We make growing your passive income direct & straight forward.

Here's What We Offer

No boring financial lectures. Our workshops are all about how to refine your passive investing strategy, and organize your investment portfolio for making investments. You'll learn what we look for to sift through opportunities quickly, help you identify and evaluate investment opportunities that are right for you, and you'll ultimately leave our sessions with the clarity and readiness needed to make decisive investment decisions.

Join our circle of high net-worth individuals, all dedicated to mastering the art of passive income. Our community is more than just a group; it's a hub for affluent investors to engage with like-minded peers, share investment strategies, and learn from others' successes and challenges. By becoming a part of our community, you gain access to a collective wisdom that not only educates but also empowers you to make informed decisions and diversify your portfolio with confidence.

Think of us as your inside source for vetted cash flowing investment opportunities. Each week we scour the internet, follow up on referrals, and take notes from our masterminds to find investment opportunities that fit our investing thesis. We then thoroughly vet each opportunity against our criteria, invest ourselves, and then share those opportunities with our investors to invest alongside us.

We're not just about investments; we're about helping you become a better investor.

Book a call now to see if we can help you.

What We Invest In

In our quest to diversify our income, we focus on private real estate investments known for their stability, growth potential, and consistent monthly income.

By joining our investor community, you'll access a handpicked array of investment opportunities, each designed to enhance the diversity and resilience of your portfolio and income streams.

Expect To Explore Opportunities In

Debt Funds
Debt Funds
Self Storage
Self Storage
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Our Investing Criteria

Our objectives are clear: protect our capital and diversify our income sources. These goals underpin every decision we make, ensuring that every investment not only meets but exceeds our high standards. Every deal you see from us will meet the following minimum criteria:

  • hand Financial Strength: Operators managing $100M+ in assets.
  • hand Track Record: History of success, particularly in economic downturns.
  • hand Specialization: Single-strategy experts for depth of insight & focus.
  • hand Market Edge: Operators with a unique unfair competitive advantage.
  • hand Reliable Income: Focus on steady, recurring returns.

With every deal, we put our own money on the line, and put our money where our mouth is.

Customer Case Studies

We’ve helped real clients get real results.


Here we deployed $450k in a workforce housing debt fund to consistently generate ~$3,760/mo (~10.02% IRR) in less than 45 days from our initial investment1.


We helped this client deploy $104k to consistently generate ~$2,140/mo (~24.69% Cash-on-Cash) for the next 7 years in less than 90 days from our initial investment.


With a focus on equity growth, we deployed $100k into a multi-family housing fund which includes ~$80/mo of monthly cashflow in less than 60 days from our initial investment.


We helped this client deploy $60k into an oil & gas fund targeting a 3x-9x return (i.e. $180k-540k ROI) with cashflows from the 1st drilled well starting in less than 6 months.


Focusing on doubling our investment in 5 years, we deployed $50k into a self-storage fund which started generating ~$125/mo, distributed quarterly, in ~75 days from our initial investment.


Primarily focused on equity growth at the end of the project, we deployed $50k into a multi-family housing project which started generating ~$140/mo in less than 4 months from our initial investment.

We believe everyone should have the chance to make their financial dreams come true, and we're here to show you how.


Hi, I'm Pascal

Pascal Wagner

In 2021, my dad passed away and everything changed.

Alongside having a 15x run-up in my stock portfolio (thank you Tesla) and becoming the new financial manager for my family, I needed a hands-off way to diversify my portfolio and provide my mom & I with an income without being completely concentrated in the stock market & single-family homes.

I found several communities that would share deal flow or taught how to raise capital, but very few that taught the basics of alternative investments. I spoke to several financial advisors, but I couldn’t find one that would talk through higher level strategies with me without controlling a large portion of my net worth.

So, I paid tens of thousands of dollars in mastermind groups, workshops, etc., to learn how to avoid losing my money in these private investments and diversify my income streams.

I don’t claim to know all the answers, but after deploying a $150M fund at Techstars, investing over $6M+ of my own personal capital, and being involved in multiple paid mastermind groups, I know a thing or two that can help those new to alternative investments.

So, if you’re in a position where I was several years ago, where you’d like to grow your cash flow and diversify your portfolio away from the stock market, I’m here to guide you along the way.


Our 3-Step Workflow For Consistent Cashflow


Discovery and Personalized Selection
We start by getting to know what you want from your investments. Whether you're seeking safe investments with steady returns or unique opportunities to maximize tax advantages, we're here to listen and guide you towards suitable investment options.


Review Investment Opportunities
Based on our initial conversation we'll point you to investments that fit what you're looking for. You'll get all the details from detailed webinars to comprehensive investment materials you need to understand your choices.


Continued Partnership and Evolving Opportunities
Our relationship doesn't end once you've made your investment. Expect ongoing support, regular updates, and insights to maximize your investment experience. As your financial partner, we're here to assist with any questions and to help you explore further opportunities as your investment journey evolves.
Your financial freedom begins with the right diversification strategy and consistent cash flow.

Our Current Opportunities

Review our selection of available investment offerings. Each opportunity is hand-picked, aligning with our stringent criteria for safety, returns, and growth potential.

DLP Lending Feeder Fund

Why we like this deal:

  • hand

    Quick Liquidity: Option to withdraw your investment within three months.

  • hand

    Attractive Returns: Anticipate monthly distributions in ~60 days yielding 8-10%/yr.

  • hand

    Resilient Sector: Focused on the affordable housing market, providing stability even in fluctuating economic climates.

  • hand

    Proven Operator: Managed by an experienced operator delivering double-digit returns consistently through various economic downturns since 2006.

  • hand

    Robust Management: Over $5 billion in assets under management, with vertical integration strategies significantly reducing the risk of loan default.


Availability: Please note, all investment opportunities are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each has a specific timeline and is subject to closure as it reaches full subscription.