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Grow your cashflow with pre-vetted opportunities.

Invest in pre-vetted, low-risk, investment opportunities with best-in-class fund managers across a variety of asset classes designed to earn you consistent monthly passive income.

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Some Of Our Results & Case Studies

Here we deployed $450k in a workforce housing debt fund to consistently generate ~$3,760/mo (~10.02% IRR) in less than 45 days from our initial investment.

Case Study - Lending Fund

We helped this client deploy $104k to consistently generate ~$2,140/mo (~24.69% Cash-on-Cash) for the next 7 years in less than 90 days from our initial investment.

Case Study - Prestige Fund V

With a focus on equity growth, we deployed $100k into a multi-family housing fund which includes ~$80/mo of monthly cashflow in less than 60 days from our initial investment.

Case Study - Cardone Equity Fund 20

We helped this client deploy $60k into an oil & gas fund targeting a 3x-9x return (i.e. $180k-540k ROI) with cashflows from the 1st drilled well starting in less than 6 months.

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Primarily focused on equity growth at the end of the project, we deployed $50k into a multi-family housing project which started generating ~$140/mo in less than 4 months from our initial investment.

Case Study - Rise at Suncrest

Focusing on doubling our investment in 5 years, we deployed $50k into a self-storage fund which started generating ~$125/mo, distributed quarterly, in ~75 days from our initial investment.

"After suffering through the volatility of the stock market, I was amazed how quickly the Grow Your Cashflow team was able to put my money to work and generate consistent monthly income."
Sascha Wagner
Sascha Wagner, CEO, Huntsman Architectural Group

Why Invest In Grow Your Cashflow Offerings?

Case Study - Lending Fund

Proven Results

We've taken the pain out of learning how to generate consistent monthly income. Our simple proven process allows you to start generating income in ~45 days.

Transparent Communication

Positive or negative, we'll continue to update you on a monthly basis so you understand how your investments are performing, and what the updates are when they are not. 

Offering - DLP Lending Access Fund

Aligned Incentives

We only make money when you do and how much we make is directly correlated to how well your investments perform. 

Current & Open Offerings

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DLP Lending Access Fund

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An investment firm you can trust. 

With the growing popularity of private placements, more investment firms and financial advisors are helping people get into and access unique investment opportunities.
What makes Grow Your Cashflow special is that we focus on monthly passive income opportunities by professionals with proven track records. We believe investing for cash flow and diversifying away from our stock market needs to be part of our investing portfolio.
By focusing on investments that cash flow, we’re able to diversify our income streams.
Unlike other investment & financial advisory firms, we don’t work with new operators pursuing new strategies. In fact, quite the contrary, we only work with professionals who have a consistent track record in the exact strategy we're investing in. We also require each operator we partner with to maintain annually audited financials, provide monthly updates, and have an unfair advantage in their market.
Lastly, while you’re invested with us, we’ll be there to answer any questions of how you’re investments are performing and you’ll become more comfortable learning the language of these types of assets.

Don't take our word for it...

"My goal with working at the team at Grow Your Cashflow was to find a way to start building up monthly passive income.

I was shocked that I was able to generate consistent monthly income so quickly within 2 months of my investment.

I definitely recommend Grow Your Cashflow to anyone who is looking to earn real passive income."

Diego Corzo,
5x LP Investor

“11 out of 10. Definitely exceeded expectations.

Lots of transparency, lots of clarity, lots humility – all the things I care about when working with a business partner.

Just a great company culture and communication.”

Nicole Milazzo
Nicole Milazzo,
Investor since 2019

“Private Placements felt so foreign to me.

I’d seen platforms like Fundrise & Yielstreet, but I couldn’t find as consistent high yielding income opportunities there as I do here."

Gonzalo Corzo
Gonzalo Corzo,
CEO of CashGeeks

Grow your cashflow investing through private placements.