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As a successful investor earning over $265,000/yr from private investments, Pascal Wagner helps others become financially free by investing in private monthly passive income-generating opportunities.

He does this by partnering with best-in-class operators across a variety of asset classes. He also runs Grow Your Cashflow Podcast where he educates accredited investors on earning passive income from private opportunities.

Pascal has always been a self-starter, taking on entrepreneurial endeavors and succeeding in his efforts. Previously, he was the Fund & Portfolio Manager at Techstars, making over 300 follow-on investment decisions for the Techstars Ventures ‘17 and ‘21 Funds, he founded Walkthrough, which went on to be acquired by PlanOmatic in 2019, he founded Online Ad Labs which went on to be acquired by PosterBrain in 2016, and he has owned real estate across the United States since 2013.

Overall, you can count on Pascal for integrity, strong operations and excellent communication, which have been keys to everything in which he’s been apart of.

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